TV & Film

KPOP & Asian Pop


Marci Geller and Gina Fant-Simon lived parallel lives as career songwriters until they met in 2023 and created the production team: Geller-Fant-Simon.

Both had successfully dedicated their careers to multiple facets of the music industry until the fates finally brought them together as (mostly) mature, wise, skilled, and prolific songwriters/producers and musicians.

Together, they are a musical force to be reckoned with.

They divide their time between crafting catchy pop songs for K-Pop and the Asian music market while also writing more moody and artistic songs for television and film. 

Geller in Stony Brook, NY and Fant-Simon in Austin, TX have created a collaboration system that allows them to write and produce world-class, modern pop songs using the latest software and virtual instruments.

Their diverse, growing catalog of work is a result of their dedicated writing sessions. Sometimes in pajamas w/ matcha lattes and sometimes in the afternoon with a glass of something red and fabulous.

They usually start a song working in real-time via, a cutting-edge collaborative platform where they craft the music and lyrics until they have a rough arrangement.

Then, they each work offline building the production, arrangement and instrumentation. Both vocalists and multi-instrumentalists, they constantly swap roles between writer, artist, musician, producer and engineer.